CD Release October 2018

CD Release October 2018


After years of study and travel, Guitarist and composer Dave Allen releases his first recording since his critically acclaimed, Real and Imagined. Allen’s reputation for challenging, labyrinthine compositions are represented brilliantly by...

Farrell Lowe - All About Jazz

By Farrell Lowe

Dave Allen's sophomore effort provides nine more of his original compositions to absorb and enjoy. Real and Imagined is filled to the brim with music that is an intricate and flowing tapestry of lyricism and cinematic environments. As a guitarist, Allen readily shows he is of the...

David Adler - Jazz Times Magazine

"Dave Allen is one of a number of spitfire jazz guitarists raising the bar on that ever-popular instrument. But Allen offers more than battle-ready chops—his Untold Stories and Real and Imagined are about original music, loftily conceived, with graceful melodic content and subtle rhythmic challenges. He’s got the pull...

Donald Elfman on Real and Imagined

Guitarist Dave Allen made his recording debut in
2006 with Untold Stories and Real and Imagined also
suggests new tales. The inspiration is evident from
from the opening tune, “Slipping Glimpser". Willem
de Kooning said, “...when I’m slipping, I say hey this
is interesting!... I’m really slipping most...

Jazz Times on Real and Imagined

Real and Imagined (Fresh Sound New Talent)

With a bright, crisply articulated guitar tone and a slippery attack, Dave Allen takes an exceptional quartet on a spin through nine original tunes, showcasing both his own subtle compositional style and the seamless interplay of his band. Saxophonist Seamus Blake...

Real and Imagined by Budd Koppman

By Budd Kopman
With Real And Imagined, guitarist Dave Allen has solidified a style that was first presented with his debut album, Untold Stories (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2005).

This is music that is very hip. Pulsating rhythms, odd meters and phrase lengths, and subtly shifting harmonies are played with...

Real and Imagined- by Mark F. Turner

Real and Imagined
Dave Allen | Fresh Sound New Talent
By Mark F. Turner

Dave Allen’s Real and Imagined is of particular interest as it exposes refreshing music that seemingly comes out of nowhere, causing you to wonder why you haven’t heard of the artist before.

But Allen is no...

Jazz Guitar Life

"Untold Stories", the debut CD from New York Jazz Guitarist Dave Allen,
showcases an exciting and unique player in the mold of Pat Metheny, Ben
Monder, Jonathan Kreisberg and Adam Rogers. Monster chops, harmonic
resourcefulness, strong melodic sense, seamless group interaction,
considerable compositional talent and a kick-ass group of talented...


Spanish Label Reintroduces Our Own Guitar-Great Dave Allen

Untold Stories is Dave Allen's first recording as a leader, but his
heavyweight status is confirmed by his sidemen: Seamus Blake on sax (John
Scofield, Dave Douglas), Carlo DeRosa on bass (Donny McCaslin, Brad Shepik,
Clarence Penn, and Vijay Iyer), and Mark...

From Jazz Times Magazine

By David Adler

Dave Allen, a recent addition to the New York stable, makes a fiery and eloquent showing with Untold Stories. Joined by tenor saxophonist Seamus Blake, bassist Carlo DeRosa and drummer Mark Ferber, Allen brings daunting chops, full-bodied tone and melodic sensitivity to the table on this all-original...

Village Voice

“There is a true sensuality to the guitarist’s sound. On the new Untold Stories, he brings a pearly tone to a piece called Searching, unfolding his lines with an edge-of-your-seat stealth.
-Jim Macnie - Village Voice

Budd Koppmann - All About Jazz

All About
Untold Stories
Dave Allen | Fresh Sound New Talent

By Budd Kopman
Having attempted to play the guitar, I have a special place in my heart for guitarists, especially when in the aural presence of a master like Dave
Allen, who brings to mind the ironic...

Jim Macnie

The Guitarist has worked trios for so long that he knows the exact calibrations for counterpoints, grooves, and free-range roving. I like the way he tests his drummers for friction points.


Dave Allen is the prototype of the exceptionally gifted young New Yorker . . . who had already covered the clubs of the Big Apple (Birdland, The 55 Bar, Cornelia Street Café, CBGb’s and The Knitting Factory…) even before releasing a first album. Untold Stories reveals a sensitive artist, who can go from...

New Haven Independent

"Musing" Rings Bell at Firehouse 12

by Paul Bass | November 5, 2006 06:37 PM |

Three songs into their first set at Ninth Square's cozy Firehouse 12, the Dave Allen Quartet reached for the inspiration of Wallace Stevens and Keith Jarrett -- and brought the audience to a higher...