"Allen has found a true voice, his effortless technique downplays the apparent complexity, paradoxically creating a cool surface sheen that has a white heat glowing beneath it...music that seduces both the body and mind--again and again." -All About Jazz

"Dave Allen offers more than battle-ready chops—his Untold Stories and Real and Imagined are about original music, loftily conceived, with graceful melodic content and subtle rhythmic challenges. He’s got the pull to assemble world-class bands every time out."
- David Adler, Jazz Times Magazine

"The music is full of subtlety. Allen has no seeming limit to his technique, but he always puts it to good musical ends. His lines are full of twists and turns, but I always hear thought and emotion, not just flying fingers."
-Budd Koppman, AllAboutJazz.com

“There is a true sensuality to the guitarist’s sound...unfolding his lines with an edge-of-your-seat stealth.
-Jim Macnie, Village Voice

"Allen has a fully developed and mature approach to composition, technical command of his instrument, and the inspirational fortitude to pull wonderful music from the ensemble. Each piece is like an aural painting or film in the way it slides across the psyche." -Farrell Lowe, All About Jazz

“An outstanding guitarist and composer" - Vic Juris

"Mr. Allen is a guitarist with a coolly modernistic sensibility, as he demonstrates on a forthcoming album, “Real and Imagined" (Fresh Sound New Talent)" - NY Times

"Real and Imagined" Top Ten CDs of 2007 - Village Voice (Martin Johnson)